Feeling generous?

I've decided to create this page for Generous supporters ( like my mom he he) But also other family and friends.
I Don't Expect Any Of You To Actually Buy Me Stuff...  But If You Still Want To Do It I Would Love You Forever ;)  My birthday is may 24 by the way ...

On top of my wishlist right now:


  • Eyelashes... eyelashes... eyelashes...

False eyelashes that can be bought in for example The US For 1,50 $ Costs about 6-8 $ Here In Sweden...

And I'm addicted!!

Size UK: 6    Size US: 7


  • Corsets,  Overbust or Underbust

I've lost about 8 kilos, so I desperately need new corsets.

The fabric doesn't matter much, I'm looking for something black and very basic, Like This One  

Size 20"


 Or  This One  :)  Preferably "Black & Red Cherry Blossom"  Size 20"


(Contact me to find out where to send your gifts)

I will ofcourse wear them on photoshoots   :)


Height: 5'8 (172 cm)

Chest: 34" E/F

Waist: 26"  (Corseted: 20-22")

Hips:   34"

Dress Size: Eur Medium/ 12 UK

Shoe Size: 38 Eur / 6 US / 5 UK


My favorit online shops:

Westward Bound Latex, Corsets, PVC

EEYELASH False Eyelashes

AMF KORSETS Corsets, Wings

Honour Rubber, PVC

Exotic High Heels Shoes, Boots