Here's a sneakpeak of a shoot I did for Candlemass.

Photographer: Uffe Magnusson, Makeup: Tallee.


              Me with Rob Lowe...                                                                                                                   Me with Micke Johansson... 

                                                                                                                                                                And here  with Uffe Magnusson




More to come, keep watching this space!


CAUTION:  None of these clips are to  be viewed by the fainthearted. They contain explicit violence, nudity, gooey Stuff and things that may hurt your religious feelings.

 Actually they are supposed to...


                                                                                     Månegarm - Vetrarmegin    (Standard Filmteam)


Bleak Films / Empire Productions UK Film:  Subject 3

  More info about the film


                                                                                    Kayak Productions (Manager Melinda Knight, Producer Alec, Director Nathan T-Heys)

                                                                                    Abgott - Thy Infernal Fields


"Fin de l'excursion" by Bleak productions

fin de l'excursion

Bleak Productions UK
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