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Roger Batty, Judas Kiss Magazine:

"Count Von Cosels Obsession is the first taster and single from new dark horror lined and noir tinged Goth pop project ChansoNoir which features Fredrik Klingwall on organ and electronics, the dark enchanted female vocals of Elena La Vie and atmospheric violin saws from Johan Mörk. The track is a rather splendid slice of doomy yet melodic and cinematic horror pop with touches of doomy noir jazz and 80’s horror soundtrack stirred in too. The other track here A Cemetery Serenade is really a instrumental more horror church organ take on the count Von cosels track- it’s ok through it would have been nice to have a taster of one of the projects other tracks. All told a very promising start for Chanso Noir with the only downside been is it’s all over in just under six minutes. I very much look forward to hearing a full length album by the project"


Mick Mercer:

"Curious indeed! A two track CD with a strangely French romantic air to the opening burst of the title track, merging light keyboards, downcast violin, and breathy, almost intangible female vocals, very filmic. The reason you should appreciate this is interesting is because it’s the ultra-busy Fredrik Klingwall on keyboards (I will have his new solo work and the latest Rising Shadows album for you this month), joined here by Elena La Vie on vocals and Johan Mork on the strings.

If it’s merely a taster for something soon to emerge then it’s a classy idea, otherwise it could prove unnecessarily frustrating. The keyboards are lightly funeral on the organ front during ‘A Cemetery Serenade’ and heavily drenched in the Goth in the ‘Phantom’ sense, lending all manner of imagery to go flitting through your mind, but it seems it’s all based on a true life case of some weirdo doctor who obsessed over a patient. Hopefully they’ll be more to come as this is true Goth with the possibility of spectacular excess or foul atmosphere."


Darkroom Magazine:

ChansoNoir is a new project from the very talented swedish artist Fredrik Klingwall. We all know him thanks to his solo project Rising Shadows, Anima Morte. In this adventure he has found a good fellow in Elena La Vie, extremily hot model/actress and singer in obscure sense of the term, check her out on the website, they present their music with this single of six minutes, only 2 songs. The title of this little short opera, does recall the story of the german writer Karl Tanzler, he did leave his family moved to Florida and changed his name into Count Carl Von Cosel he did fall in love with Elena Milagro Hoyos (he keeps writing about the story). The title-track is sang as Elena herself would have sang it with a fragile voice as she would sing it from the underworld to her lover. It turns out to be very melancholic soft and delicate, it has been arranged with a soft beat and the violin of Johan Mörk as guest; "A Cemetery Serenade" is an instrumental and it presents sound similar to a requiem. Two songs are not enough to give a proper valuation to this embryonal project surely it has not found its way yet to developp to a more storng musical journy. They take part ot a compilation dedicated to E.A.Poe and take part to the soundtrack of "The Tourist" Andrey Iskanov, new movie.
The need to define their sound, but they are not far from it.
If u did like Fredrik's other projects as solo artist and with Rising Shadows, ChansoNoir could be of your appreciation, so give them a chance.

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