Who Was Count Von Cosel?


In 1927, the 50 year old german Karl Tanzler abandoned his wife and kids, and decided to start a new life in Key West, Florida. A new life required a new name... so mr Tanzler took the name Count Carl von Cosel.

He found employment as an x-ray technician at the Marine Hospital. There he met the beautiful 20 year old spanish/cuban patient Elena Milagro Hoyos, dying from Tuberculosis. And from that moment Von Cosel was obsessed. Convinced that she was destined to be his wife, he tried to cure her Tuberculosis with Frankensteinish electro shock machines. Despite his effords, Elena died in october 1931.

Two years passed, but the heartbroken von Cosel couldn't stand the thought of his beloved Elena rotting in a coffin. So he managed to convince her family to let him disinterre her, and placed her body in a mausoleum instead. Von Cosel spent night after night in her mausoleum playing on a homebuilt organ for Elena. Until he finally was convinced she begged him to release her from the crypt. And so he did...

On a dark night in April 1933, von Cosel brought his love Elena to his home, and began the work of resurrecting her. He did this by continous playing for her on his organ, rubbing her skin with various chemicals, lotions and potions, electrotherapy... like frying her body with a million volt tesla coil and other absurd methods.

The chemicals could of course only delay her body from decaying for so long... He tried to mask the odor of decomposition with oils and perfumes. Von Cosel used piano wire to hold Elenas body together. He reconstructed parts of her face with morticians wax. Her eyes were replaced with glass eyes, and he created a wig for her out of her own hair. In her vagina he had inserted a tube... but I'll let you draw your own conclusions to its purpose...

This madness went on for 7 long years, until von Cosel finally was arrested in 1940. The majority of the public, especially women, were firmly behind Carl, seeing him as a man who loved a woman so much that he was unable to let her go. Von Cosel was never charged with a crime, because the statute of limitations on grave robbing had expired. Elena was eventually buried, now for the third time, at a secret location. Von Cosel lived for another 12 years, accompanied by a life-sized wax replica he had created out of Elenas deathmask.