I'm the vocalist In ChansoNoir, a project I did with composor/keyboardist Fredrik Klingwall.

Organs: Fredrik Klingwall

Violins: Johan Mörk.

It's dark, hypnotic, haunting and eerie... It's ChansoNoir 

Our first single, "Count Von Cosels Obsession" was released december 2008.

The song is based on a really weird necrophilia-case, nn undying love.
It's about a man who loved so obsessively that he took the notion of love beyond the grave.


Our second single "Ligeia" was released in 2011.

Also this song about  dead women, I'm starting to see a trend here he he

Since this song is based on a story by E A Poe, it's also  one of the tracks on Colossus projets compilation-cd  "The tales of  Edgar Allan Poe"



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Hey there, you lovers of the dead!
The track 'Count Von Cosels Obsession' is available as download from the following online stores, show your love and support us!






Latest ChansoNoir news:

*  We have been invited to participate in Colossus Projects
upcoming compilation The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe.
17 tracks by 17 bands. All tracks based on poems and short stories by Poe.
And our choice, out of all the fantastic works of Poe is "Ligeia"

*  We are very happy to let you know that we are currently working
together with Andrey Iskanov in his upcoming film The Tourist.
It's a pleasure and an honor to put music to the beautifully insane mind of Andrey,
the man behind films like Nails, Visions of suffering and Philosophy of a knife.


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