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    Location: Stockholm, Sweden

    Height: 5 ft 8 in   (172 Cm)
    Weight: 141 lbs  (64 Kilos)
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Black
    Chest: 37  in (94 cm) E
    Waist: 2ft 3 in (68 cm)
    Hips: 37 in (94 cm)
    Dress size: 10  (UK) (M - 38 Eur)
    Shoe size: 5/55  (UK) (38 Eur)

    Experience: Professional
    Will work for: Pay /  Negotiable
    Languages:  English, Swedish, French



    * Tribal with skull , upper left arm

    * Cross , upper right arm

    * Vampirebat , pubic area


    Nose, tongue, ears



"Beautifully Dark, Provocative, Seductive And Somewhat  Disturbing..."

"The Most Beautiful Girl I Have Ever Seen" / Photographer Ward Boult, Los Angeles

"Beautiful, Dark And Deliciously Deadly" / Dominic Morgan, Writer/Producer, Bleak Films, UK

"Goddess Of Darkness, The Vampire Of Vampires. She Is Everything And She Has Everything" / L.U, Stockholm                                                                               


What's new?

Check out the poster in Fangoria magazine's may 20-issue  ;)


I just finished my scenes, as Karva,  in Purgatorium Häxa (Jerusalem Beast.com)

Had a blast, it was such a pleasure to work with Hexentrupp!


About Gothness

Well... I'm an international alternative / fetish / art model, with a past in fashion.

This has been my main occupation,  for the last 9 years or so.

But even though this website is focused on the modelling ...  I'm also an actress, and a vocalist.  A bit comfusing I know...  I'm working on a new music-related website, but until then...

Gothness is my modelling name, so let's talk about her:

My heart is definitely in the alternative-scene, but I'm extremely versatile so I
would be happy to take on other kinds of assignments too.
Challenge me   :)
My main asset is my face/facial complexion *Thank you mom!*


I rather disturb than seduce...


I want to create striking images, the kind that the viewer either hate or love...
There's nothing I find more boring than photos that leave you feeling indifferent.


Fields of interest:

Blood, gore, horror, macabre, artistic nude, erotic,
art, fetish, band promotional work, fashion

Pornography isn't a fetish... And it doesn't interest me. AT ALL.

  • Interested in working with me?

    I work internationally, but note that my travel expenses always needs to be covered.

    Please contact for rates/availability





Past sins:


Bands I've worked with: Abgott





UpsalaNyaTidning (Art noir) March 2008

Rock Oracle Issue 3 - 2007
Zero Tolerance Issue 16 - 2007
RockSound Issue 96 - 2007
Terrorizer Issue 155 - 2007
Vegas Rocks - 2005
Klöverbladet (Alpha Romeo)

"Blood & Dishonour" by Nigel Wingrove (Salvationgroup/Satanic Sluts) 2008

"Skinflowers" by Gonzalo J. Fuentes (EcceHomo) 2008

"Distorted Retina Vol 1" by Martin Wilson 2006


 Other publications:

On the cover of Rising shadow's album "Found in the cold" Out in nov!

Promotional photos with the british black metal band Abgott (photographers Petter Wallebo and Chris Ayres) 2007. And also on 5000 flyers to promote "Artefect of madness"


Fleshfarm (July 2007)
Shoots For Glovemansion (Torrevieja  June 2007)
Shoots for Nenablue.com with EcceHomo, Madrid Feb 2006
Featured model at GetMetal (October 2005)
Fatal Vixxxen, interview
Avanzada Metallica, metal radio station
Bite Me Magazines' Vamp
Melancholy Fables Productions, black metal label

Joakim Hansson, Stockholm
Petter Wallebo, Stockholm

Ward Boult, Los Angeles, Las Vegas


SVT-produced shortfilm, to promote hdtv across europe

Leadingpart in the british horrorfilm "Subject 3", by Dominic Morgan, Danny Patrick.(Bleak films/empire productions)Cinematography: Michael Miles
Documentary about the female body by 321 TV (Peter Gazynski)


    "Thy Infernal Fields" with the british black metal band Abgott. (Kayak Productions UK)



(Homechoice TV, "The Pit")  Thy Infernal Fields, behind the scenes





    "Vetrarmegin" by Månegarm


Worked with photographers such as:

EcceHomo(Sp), Jimmy Hansen(Swe), Ward Boult(US), Petter Wallebo(Swe), Matt Miller(UK), Göran Olsson(Swe), Tobias Fischer(Swe), Jason Schulz(US), Göran Olsson(Swe), Elin Strigå(Swe), GMK(UK),  Viktor Eye(Swe), Distorted Retina(UK), Patrick Clinton(US), Cleveland(UK), Nik(Swe), Uffe Magnusson(Swe), Chris Ayres(UK), Micke Johansson(Swe), Robert Milovan(Swe), Joakim Hansson(Swe) , Imagonaut(Swe) , Alexander Bergström(Swe), Andreas Harnemo(Swe)... To Just Name A Few